CJ Shirani Just Only For One Day

Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake has agreed to stay only one day after the reinstatement, an Media website reliably learns.

Sources close to CJ Bandaranayaka told the Media website that she is not willing to hear any case. “She will also resign, she is only expecting a decent farewell” they further said.

Even if the Rajapaksa-fabricated cases against her are withdrawn the case against her husband will be continue, a source close to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told the Media website..

Her husband Pradeep Kariyawasam is a suspect in a case before a magistrate over the NSB scandal. Kariyawasam is facing charges before the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court for causing a monetary loss to the Government to the tune of over Rs. 391 million through the unlawful purchase of shares of The Finance Company (TFC).

“Shirani Bandaranayake did not enter the official bar through the normal recruiting process. Her appointment to the Bench was a purely political. Therefore she begins her career as a judge with politics. Thereafter she may have been on her own to the extent that CJ Sarath N. Silva and the other succeeding CJs were on their own, but certainly not what Judge Mark Fernando was. Judge Bandaranayake proved she was with the Rajapaksa regime in 2010 August, when she presided over the petitions on the 18th Amendment that was shrouded in mystery and was publicly known that even the Cabinet of Ministers was not given time to study it, before giving consent. When she knew there was no urgency for that Bill, as the President was going to take oaths for his second term, only in November. But she does not dissent in her determination and agrees for only 2/3rds, majority in parliament knowing very well, the President had secured that much through numerous ways. That trust with the regime was what secured her the CJs appointment in May 2011.” a critic told the Media website.

“It was also that close affinity which prompted her to throw her independence away, ridicule the independence of the Judiciary and insult the aspirations of the people in having an independent judiciary, that made her to pose smilingly for a family photograph of the Rajapaksas, after Namal Rajapaksa was sworn in as a lawyer. That broke all tradition and all ethics. It was also such trust the Rajapaksas had in Sirani Bandaranayake that gave Kariyawasam top level appointments not only at the NSB but even before at the Insurance Corp. So, how that bond of loyalty and trust between Rajapaksas and this Bandaranayake suddenly broke down is still not known to any one in the public. But it has broken and the big fight has now become public through the impeachment process. That is where we as public, has got an opportunity to forge a new alliance that may give an independent judiciary another chance. This accidental, but lets try to use it to the advantage of the people in securing some independence. Let us also not forget these personally driven independence of the judiciary often does not work the right way, as we saw in how CJ Silva behaved after breaking off from Mahinda Rajapaksa.” the critic further said.